Get-A-Whey to Get-A-Way: A Small Glimpse of Our Story

Get-A-Whey to Get-A-Way: A Small Glimpse of Our Story
We launched Get-A-Whey to revolutionize how people consume ice creams by making them healthy and rich in protein. The idea was to provide protein-rich, sugar-free alternatives to fitness enthusiasts who are also dessert lovers. However, as the brand expanded its portfolio, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just whey-protein desserts.  

After getting funded on Shark Tank India Season 1 by 3 sharks, the brand decided to extend its portfolio by offering ‘Waaayyy’ more than simply ‘Whey’ protein-based desserts. Therefore, the brand decided to switch from ‘Get-A-Whey’ to ‘Get-A-Way’ Desserts. 

The new name, ‘Get-A-Way’, not only reflects our brand’s mission to provide delicious and healthy desserts but also signifies a way to escape from unhealthy dessert choices followed by drowning guilt. The range of frozen desserts include Keto Ice-creams, Vegan Gelatos, Vegan Ice Popsicles, Ice cream Sandwiches, Diabetic-friendly Kulfis, and Chocolate Waffle bites, making it accessible to everyone. 

The brand’s success story began in Jimmy Shah’s home kitchen, where she made the first protein-rich ice cream to cater to the dessert cravings of her health-conscious children. Today, with the combined efforts of Jash, Jimmy and Pashmi, the brand has grown and expanded its offerings to 50+ cities across the country. 

In conclusion, the name change from 'Get-A-Whey' to 'Get-A-Way' reflects the brand's commitment to providing healthy dessert options for all, and its offerings of a wide range of desserts cater to different dietary requirements and preferences. The brand's success story is an inspiration, as it began with a mother's determination to fulfill the dessert cravings of her children and has now grown into a successful family-run business.

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Get-A-Way from the guilt with our frozen desserts!

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